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Hainan Periscope Media Co.Ltd is a Singapore and China based corporate and creative Video Production Company. We are a client-focused company, producing films for business, charities, local authorities and trust agencies. Our products include adverts, promotional videos, training films, and special effects laden documentaries, geared to the client’s requirements.

Hainan Periscope Media Co.Ltd
takes a creative approach to every project and we assist clients at every stage in the development of their film. From concept to storyboard, we ensure that the ideas and goals of the client are implemented in the most effective way, to deliver a video that communicates to its audience and remains cost effective.

Hainan Periscope Media Co.Ltdis also an independent film production company.  We produce fiction pieces and documentary films.  We also offer various services from the pre-production process to the final steps of distribution.

We use this website as a marketing tool toward distributing our films and as a way to update our audience on our projects, and to offer different multimedia concepts to re-experiment our films whatever their current status may be.

Our current projects include Bravery Beneath the Waves (currently in production), and The Forgotten Empress (currently in post-production).

What We Do

Bringing Outdoor Adventure and Exciting Storytelling to engage new and diverse audiences
For 17 years now, we have been successfully filming underwater and supported many broadcasters on the field. Our specialty remains in the underwater, overland, sports, travel, war and history related domains. We started out wanting to make films the way we want to, with a HEART. We want to be able to tell the stories that should be heard regardless of the ‘big budget’ to produce them. Our aspiration is to share with the people involved a sense of ownership and pride in the final product.

Capturing Content as an Immortal Source of information for Human Mankind
We became dynamic and adaptable to meet our objective. We all benefit from living in an ever-changing world; the technology and the people are becoming tolerant of formats other than 'broadcast quality'. To us sometimes it is more important to document the stories than to have it erase from mankind forever; it started with our founder and his camcorder, nearly 20 years later we're on the verge of completing our own documentary series, branching out into the challenges of feature and wildlife film making.

Creating Creative Opportunities for Creative Communities
As we progressively move towards our goals we will continue to remember the many talents and people that has make what we do possible and to make filmmaking a truly heart felt undertaking. We recognize that creative work masterpieces is the combine efforts of a team of passionate creative people wanting to bring out what is in their hearts and mind. It’s about giving the spirit to the work.