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  Documentary Making  

International Marine & Diving Instituite DOCUMENTARY-MAKING COURSE

This 6-days intensive course aims to equip students with the fundamental skills of making a documentary by working on a project. Students will learn the importance of research and the art of story telling. They will learn techniques such as the use of interviews, cliffhangers, and use of flashbacks. Students will also learn how to develop a visual eye and craft visually engaging shots, as well as the art of editing. An optional underwater section will also be included.

This course is useful for those interested in writing, producing and directing documentaries.

Topics Include

- Research
- What makes a Good Story?
- Writing the Proposal
- The Story Treatment
- The Mechanics
- Structure
- The Art of Story Telling
- Pre-shoot Preparations
- Crafting of Shots
- Audio Recording
- Underwater Considerations
- Post Production / Editing

Start Date: 10 – 15 September 2012 (Monday - Saturday)
Duration: 5 Days, 40 Contact Hours (9am-5pm)
Enrollment: 10
Level: Beginner
Cost: US$990


Research, producing, teaching and writing are what I am passionate about. The history, the cultures and the people of Southeast Asia are what I am keenly interested in. From young, these interests and passions are what motivate me to leave my comfort zones and often give up well-paid jobs.

As a result, I have worked for the then one and only local television station as a current affairs producer and have also freelanced for them in various capacities after I left.

When the cable broadcasters came to Singapore, I was one of the first to freelance for them, producing and researching for channels such as Discovery, Animal Planet, and Travel and Adventure. In recent years, I helped to produce the annual conference of the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia.

Because of my interest in the nascent cable industry, I decided to pursue a masters degree by research to understand how cable broadcasters program their channels in Southeast Asia. After all, this is a diverse region with various language and cultural differences.

However, my fascination with Southeast Asia has started long before that. In 1993, I decided to leave a comfortable job in Singapore for the Philippines to produce Christian media as well as to train media professionals. During my four years there (punctuated by a one-and-a-half year break), I also traveled to various parts of Asia Pacific – Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Myanmar and Fiji to train media personnel and produce videos for television as well as for non-broadcast.

When I am exhausted from all the traveling or producing, I write for the newspapers or magazines. I have written various articles for The Business Times as well as The Straits Times.

Or I lecture. Which I did for two years at the Nanyang Technological University, teaching both practical and theory classes.

I confess that I am one that is quickly bored. Which is why you will always find me doing several things at one time – researching, producing, teaching and writing.


1. Please make all cheques payable to "International Marine & Diving Instituite".
2. Your place in the course will only be guaranteed upon receipt of course and registration fees.
3. Students must achieve a minimum class attendance of 75% in order to quality for certification.
4. International Marine & Diving Instituite reserves the right to make changes to the course schedule and syllabus at any time.
5. Students are to informInternational Marine & Diving Instituite when there are any changes in personal particulars.
6. There are no refunds for withdrawal from the courses unless otherwise approved by International Marine & Diving Instituite.