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  DVD documentary series “The Fish Eye Project”

Periscope Media Company Limted and Michael Lim will be undertaking an ambitious documentary project titled, “The Fish Eye Project” which will consist of a series of six documentaries.

The project is divided into four sectors;
1. The East Coast of West Malaysia Sector
2. The West Coast of West Malaysia Sector
3. The East Malaysia Sector and
4. The Southern Java Indonesia Sector

Fish Eye has also recruited a team of highly trained divers and experts to lead the expeditions. This is to ensure that the high standards and professional quality of the planned expeditions and documentaries are maintained.

The project leader, Michael Lim has started research and work in 1993, many of his expeditions has been published in newspaper, magazines, TV News and even a one year exhibition in the Singapore History Museum.

All documentaries will have a different approach to their subject matter. However in most programs the content will cover the element of History, Science, Biology, Ecology, Adventure and Mystery.

The filming will start from the 14th of August 2003 and will be complete by the end of December 2012. The final product is expected to reach the market by June 2013.

Brief description of series

Episode #01
The Empress of Asia
Once a luxurious Canadian Pacific passenger liner, the Empress of Asia was commissioned as a troop carrier in both WWI and WWII. She sank in Singapore during WWII. This documentary will trace her glamorous past till her eventual sinking in 1942. The recent salvage operation for artifacts will also be highlighted.

Episode #02
The Quest for Truth
In the secret and silent world of the world’s submarine services, the elusive K17 was one of the Dutch submarines guarding the stretches of seas of Malaya and Indonesia during WWII. How did the K17 eventual eventually become part of the seabed of South East Asia remains a mystery. In the novel “Operation JB”, the author Christopher Creighton made a claim that the K17 knew of the Japanese fleet going to attack Pearl Harbour but the information was suppressed to force American’s entry into the war. It is even suggested that the K17 and its crew were eliminated deliberately to cover this conspiracy act.

Episode #03
Prisoners and Warriors of the Sea
In this documentary the team will try to unravel the secrets surrounding the sinking of the Japanese prisoner of war vessel in 1943 by an American submarine, the USS Hammerhead.
What happened acutely on the 15th of May and what happened with their crews and prisoners.
This documentary will also trace the event that leads to the sinking of the majestic Japanese cruiser, Haguro. In the early hours of 16 May 1945 five British destroyers while conducting an operation to evacuate the Andaman Islands, in the eastern Bay of Bengal, intercepted her.
Haguro was hit by three torpedoes and sunk, with the loss of about three-quarters of her crew of some 1200 officers and men.

The Ultimate Disaster
This documentary will take us to the Sunda Straits in Indonesia where the ABDA (American, British, Dutch and Australian) Mission during WWII became the ultimate disaster for all four countries when all their vessels was cornered and sunk by the Japanese. What went wrong? Famous ships including the USS Houston and the HMAS Perth went down to their watery grave here.

Episode #05
Sinking the Unsinkable

This documentary will trace the events leading to the sinking of the two famous unsinkable ships, the HMS Repulse and the Prince of Wales. A series of mysterious events led to many unresolved puzzles over their shocking tragic destiny. The team will hope to find answers to how these two ships could be taken down in such a relatively short time and was there anything that could have been done to prevent their sinking.

Episode #06
Yellow Coal of the Deep
This episode takes us on an investigative journey underwater into Yamashita’s Gold legend. It is believed that he ordered many of his naval vessel loaded with his loot consisting of gold and other treasures from Malaysia and Indonesia to the Philippines. Many of these vessels never made it. They remain in their watery graves, forgotten until now.