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The Producer's Note

As an avid underwater explorer and videographer, you probably think it is a natural progression for me to produce documentaries about shipwrecks that are lying under the sea. It is different for me.

I am not an advocate for using war stories, which includes real life sacrifices in the ironical name of peace on a commercial basis. What has prompted me to come up with the idea of producing these documentaries are the families of the sailors, their commitment and fervent hope to relive the untold stories of their unsung heroes and to immortalize them on film.

I hope i can achieve this as well as for us to learn a lesson or two about war from these intriguing stories.


Creative Board Members

Peter Koh----Professional Cameraman

Singapore MediaCorp
Channel 5
Stress out (Health Program) 2005
Wow Wow World 2003
Extreme Gourmet 2004
My Sassy Neighbour 2005
Shooting Stars Drama 2006
Soul far so Good 2006
Part of PG Drama 2006
Stories of Love ‘The Celebration’ 2006
The Celebration
Big Day Out 2007
Big Tease 2008

Channel 8
Rice Drama 2007

Under Water Shoot
Mission Possible Korea
Soul far so Good
Walt Disney China
Taiwan Marine Museum
Project Y

Super Band (3G n trailer) 2006
Singapore Idol 2006
Miss Singapore 2006

Arts Central
Project Pilot "The Section" 2005
Project Pilot "Pawn of Love" 2005
Front 2006
Random Acts 2007
Arts 101

Corporate Video

  • Yamaha Junior Music Course Video
  • Kian Ann Engineering Corporate Video
  • Baxter Laboratories Video
  • Shell SPDC Sea Eagle Induction Video
  • IRONIE Product Video
  • Sumitomo Corporate Video
  • MINDS Corporate Video
  • Abecha Video
  • Keppel Shipyard Promo Video
  • Esso-Mobil Jurong Island Video
  • Singtel In-house Video
  • NUH Prep Video
  • Raffles Hospital Iranian Conjoined Twins Operation Procedure Video
  • NEC Product Video
  • Changi Hospital
  • CAAS
  • NTU recruitment video 2009
  • NTU internet recruitment video 2009
  • Supreme Court opening video 2009
  • New Water 2009

Cosmo & George 2008
Cosmo & George 2 2009

Channel U
1st Channel U drama (Making Headlines) shot 6 eps.
Mission Possible :-
Nepal mountain climbing,
Korea underwater with Kim Ng picking seafood,
Taiwan Lan Yu island (life of flying fish fisherman) and
China (Shao Lin Kung Fu)

Be Absolutely U (Kotex) 2008
Hey Gorgeous 2008
Most Kissable Guy (Clinique) 2009


Budak Pantai (Budak Jumps over the Wall) 2008
Electrico (We Satellite Tour) 2008
MTV asia awards Gentin 2008
MTV World Stage 2009
F1 Rocks 2009

Behind the Scene Shoot
Stef Sun Photo Shoot - behind-the-scenes for
SK Jewellery commercial pix plus one short video (final product - one 5-10 min "the making of 2009 campaign" video)
Nuyou magazine cover shoot
Fashion TV
Stef Sun New album shoot 2008
Are You Man’s Health Enough 2008
Are You Man’s Health Enough 2009


9th New World Food & Wine Festival (Ritz Carlton) 2007
Traffic Police Safety Video 2009
Aunty Lucy DVD 2009