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  In the 15 years of working with the Dutch Navy, families of the deceased and survivors of the submarines, Michael Lim is ready to reveal a war story of joy, sadness and fighting spirit that demonstrates these men’s Bravery Beneath the Waves.

The Episodes

To Honour and Peace
“Story of 3 Submariners’ Families”

Warriors Of The Deep
“Stories of the Dutch 016 and 020 Submarines”

The Quest For Truth (Part of Fish Eye Project series)
“The Mystery of the K17 Submarine”


Directed/Produced by
Michael Lim

Co-produced by
H.C. Besancon Jr
V.C. Boonstra-Blom
Klaas Brouwer

Partners of the film: A collaborative partnership between Periscope Media Co.Ltd, The Netherlands Foundation Committee Relatives Submarines (1940-1945) and Michael Lim